What’s Worth Noting

Events are back! Yes, it’s true! If it feels like events are hot again, you are right! A recent OneCause study showed that 83% of charities are planning an in-person event for 2024, and one-third are planning a hybrid event. Check in with the team at the Whidbey Community Foundation for ideas about how to include endowment fundraising in your event strategy.  

Wealth transfer is happening. The wealth transfer hype continues, and the media seems to report new twists on a regular basis, including statistics about how Generation X’s and Millennials’ particular circumstances figure into the equation. The bottom line remains, though, that the next several years are critical to build and execute your endowment-building strategy. Please reach out to the community foundation for help with endowment gifts of complex assets, such as real estate, or tried-and-true gifts, such as highly-appreciated stock.  

Cause marketing considerations. Interested in aligning with a business or a brand? Cause marketing is not for every organization, but if you do decide to venture in, be sure to brush up on the rules and legal issues. Cause marketing can be a good way to amp up your organization’s brand, and, with savvy planning, you can leverage the increased visibility to grow your endowment. Reach out to our team for ideas!

Whidbey Community Foundation is a resource and sounding board as you serve our community. This is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal, accounting, or financial planning advice.