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Free Workshop! Legal and Financial Responsibilities of Non-Profit Board Members

One of the most important roles of a non-profit board of directors is to ensure that the organization complies with all applicable local, state and federal laws and to protect the organization’s financial assets. But what does that mean?

During this two hour program we will explore: What are the legal responsibilities of a board of directors? What kind of fiscal oversight is a board of directors required to provide? What are a board member’s individual responsibilities? What are the best practices for risk management?

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Whidbey Couple Bequests Portion of Estate to Whidbey Community Foundation

A local couple who retired to Whidbey Island 8 years ago from Seattle has recently decided to bequest a portion of their estate to the Whidbey Community Foundation.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, was recently updating their Will in conjunction with their periodic estate planning and decided to include the local community foundation after learning about the Whidbey Community Foundation’s ability to extend their legacy of giving even after their death.

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Nonprofit Training: “Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit”

Whidbey Community Foundation is co-sponsoring a training session with Washington Nonprofits in Mount Vernon on April 21, 2018. Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit is a daylong workshop for leaders of small organizations, completely or mostly run by volunteers, covering the basics on how to deliver on their missions. The training will be delivered by Washington Nonprofits, and will draw on tested tips and tools on boards, finance, law, and planning.

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Christmas Sculpture Fund

Christmas Pewter Owl 2017 (2.75″ High x 3.4″ Wide x 3″ Deep)

This fund is a gift to our community from renowned sculptor Georgia Gerber and her husband, Randy Hudson. In their words:

Welcome to the 19th year of our Christmas Sculpture Project. What started out as Christmas gifts for family and friends long ago expanded into an annual fund-raising effort in support of local social service organizations here on South Whidbey. The project has helped make a difference in the lives of many people — particularly children since our main focus has been providing for organizations that assist families during the holiday season.


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