WCF Awards Nearly $140,000 from COVID-19 Fund

The COVID-19 Community Resilience Fund at Whidbey Community Foundation was formed to provide resources to nonprofit organizations on Whidbey Island working with our friends and neighbors who are impacted by coronavirus and the economic consequences of this outbreak. To date, Whidbey Community Foundation has awarded nearly $140,000 to 28 organizations from the COVID-19 Fund. Through the generosity and support of the Island community and beyond, WCF has raised over $210,000 for this Fund.

Grantees of the Fund serve all parts of Whidbey Island, and support our most vulnerable populations affected by the pandemic. Grant dollars are being used toward a variety of needs, including the support, creation and distribution of personal protection equipment (PPE) for essential workers and community members; providing food support to youth and their families experiencing food instability; continuing access to free and subsidized child care options for essential and healthcare workers; assisting home owners and renters to maintain leases and mortgages; and supporting all school districts on the Island with safely reopening for the next school year.

A full list of COVID-19 Fund grantees can be found on WCF’s website here.

Additional Support for Whidbey Nonprofits

Whidbey Community Foundation is dedicated to supporting the nonprofit organizations on Whidbey Island. We continue to look for opportunities to assist our nonprofit partners as they navigate their operations and programs during the current challenges with the pandemic. The next year or more will look different from any other we have experienced. We will be living with uncertainty and public health considerations and advisories are expected to change regularly. How are nonprofits adapting to this new environment? How can we balance concern for safety with resuming critical community services? What sort of “new normal” can we expect?

We recently concluded our Nonprofit Survey in which respondents indicated an interest in topics related to safely reopening during the pandemic. WCF has partnered with Washington Nonprofits to offer four webinars for free to Whidbey nonprofits to guide them as they plan for the coming year.

Space is limited and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact WCF to obtain the access code needed to activate discounted rates. You can email us at info@whidbeyfoundation.org or call 360-660-5041.