WCF Awards 30 Nonprofits in 4th Annual Grant Cycle

Whidbey Community Foundation is excited to announce it has granted awards to 30 nonprofits from its 4th Annual Grant Cycle. Grants this year were focused on three categories: Childhood Wellness, Environment, and Racial Equity.

“This year, WCF focused on three grant programs. Through the Childhood Wellness grant program, we are continuing our investment in the health and well-being of our youth, particularly during this time of COVID recovery. Through the Environmental grant program, we are aiming to advance specific conservation and sustainability projects on Whidbey (and our surrounding waters). And through the Racial Equity grant program, we want to support nonprofits and others in our community who commit to anti-racism work, and hope these grants are a starting point for dialogue, learning, collaborative action, and healing,” stated Executive Director Nancy Conard.

WCF awarded 30 grantees totaling over $112,00 this year spanning all parts of Whidbey Island.

“WCF continues to work collaboratively with the donors and community-based organizations on Whidbey Island in a shared vision of a healthy, vibrant, and unified Whidbey Island community. We continue to respond to the effects of the ongoing pandemic, as well as other opportunities to advance the good work of our local nonprofits and community initiatives,” said Conard.

Since grants were first awarded in 2017, Whidbey Community Foundation has provided 176 grants totaling over $772,000.

2021 Annual Grant Cycle Awardees:

Childhood Wellness


Racial Equity