Updating Our Directory of Whidbey Nonprofits

We value the great work our Whidbey nonprofits do to improve the quality of lives on the island and are committed to supporting your efforts.

One of our projects is to create a directory of all nonprofits on Whidbey. We have started the database with downloads of information from the Secretary of State and IRS. You can see the first phase on our website here. We believe this information will be useful to folks who are looking for a particular interest or service, for people looking for a place to volunteer, and for donors interested in a specific cause.

We need your help to update and complete the information we currently have for your organization. Please take a few minutes to complete this online form.

With accurate contact information, especially an email, we will keep you informed of other efforts to support nonprofits. We have been offering workshops and training to nonprofits on Whidbey, at no cost. Having complete contact information will allow us to reach all of the nonprofits on the island.

We will also use your contact information to advise you of grant and funding opportunities that may be available. We had our first grant cycle in fall 2018 and expect to do another later in 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with current information about your nonprofit. If you have any questions, please call us at 360-660-5041 or email info@whidbeyfoundation.org.