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Types of Funds

Whidbey Community Foundation offers a range of charitable funds that allow individuals, families, and businesses to choose the best vehicle to accomplish their philanthropic goals. Our funds are easy to establish and our expert staff will work with you to ensure that your fund is designed to creatively and effectively match your charitable intent.

Donor Advised Fund

Donor advised funds are extremely popular because of the flexibility they allow you and the ease of their use. A donor advised fund is like a charitable checking account that allows you to stay involved in the giving process by requesting grants to your favorite organizations and causes, and involve your family in grantmaking. With a donor advised fund you can constantly add to your fund while supporting all of the nonprofits you’re interested in.

Designated Fund

Your designated fund is the simplest way to support all of your favorite charitable causes and ensure your generosity will continue after your lifetime. You tell us when you create the fund the specific charity or charities you want to support. We’ll include that information in your fund agreement and will automatically make an annual grant from your fund to support those organizations, forever.

Field of Interest Fund

Field of Interest Funds allow you to support your favorite causes or issues while relying on Whidbey Community Foundation’s experienced staff & board to identify nonprofits that make the greatest impact on that issue. Whether your area of interest is the environment, education, health and human services, or any other issue you choose, we will identify area nonprofits doing the best work to address those issues and support them in your name.

Agency Fund

A nonprofit organization may want Whidbey Community Foundation to hold its endowment or be its “foundation.” An agency fund at WCF is a simple way to accomplish these goals and is easy to establish. The existing nonprofit organization creates an endowment fund in its name at the Community Foundation to which individuals, corporations and foundations can contribute. Taxpayers are eligible for an income tax charitable deduction for these gifts. In the fund agreement, the agency can set parameters for the administration and operation of the Fund, and can even name a successor organization to benefit from the fund if agency ceases operations. The Foundation can also provide gift planning guidance to nonprofits that have an established fund at the Foundation.