Whidbey Island Fundraiser
for the Essential Needs Program

keep our neighbors housed • keep them working • help them through emergency

Many of our Whidbey neighbors and friends are struggling from the impacts of the continued pandemic. Goosefoot and Whidbey Community Foundation have partnered together to raise funds for the Whidbey Island Essential Needs Program, with a collective community goal to raise $100,000 by July 15 to provide direct relief to Whidbey households.

Goal: $100,000

Thank you to everyone who has donated, rounded up at the Goose, and helped spread the word, we have surpassed our goal as of July 1!  But that doesn’t mean we have to be done. Our fundraiser continues until July 15, and every dollar raised goes directly to Whidbey households. Help expand the program by donating below.

Together we can make a difference!

How will my donation help?

Your donations will help fill gaps for Whidbey Island households that aren’t met through existing funding streams.

Examples of direct assistance include:
• child care subsidies
• utilities
• rental assistance
• aid to maintain employment
• one-time extraordinary expenses

All too often residents face emergency needs where no existing assistance is available. This might be a senior living on fixed income who needs a water heater replaced. Or a family moves out of shelter to a permanent housing situation but they do not have a bed or any furniture and household goods.

How will we reach $100K?

The fundraising campaign will run from April 15 through July 15. We have already raised 50% of our goal with seed funding from Goosefoot Community Fund ($25,000) and Whidbey Community Foundation ($25,000). We are asking our community to come together to raise the remaining $50,000!

The Goose Community Grocer has also generously designated the Essential Needs Program as their Roundup for Charity recipient from April-June. Shoppers can round up their purchase to the nearest dollar to support this program.

As funds are raised they will be deployed to households as soon as possible. Help us reach our $100,000 goal by this summer!

How do I learn more about your partners?

Click on the logos below to learn more.

The Opportunity Council Island County Service Center will be working with us to administer funds.

“We’re grateful to live in a community where people not only recognize when people are in need, they step up to help!”

– Lisa Clark, Island County Opportunity Council

About the Opportunity Council Island County Service Center

The Opportunity Council is a private, nonprofit human services organization that acts as a catalyst for positive change in the community and the lives of the people it serves. Its role is to create awareness of the needs of low-income people, engage the community in responding to those needs, and promote institutional sensitivity. The Opportunity Council provides direct services, including information, education, and access to resources to assist low-income and disadvantaged persons in developing and maintaining self-reliance.

Working closely with Island County Human Services and nonprofits on the island, Opportunity Council of Island County administers programs including: information & referral for basic needs, family services & homeless intervention, energy assistance, and weatherization & home repair.

About the COVID-19 Community Resilience Fund

From April 15 – July 15, 2021 all donations to the COVID-19 Community Resilience Fund will be designated to the Whidbey Island Essential Needs program. Learn more about the COVID-19 Community Resilience Fund and its impact here.