Giving may be on the upswing

Despite what some people viewed as a softening in charitable giving over the last couple of years, philanthropy now appears to be on the upswing and is expected to rise by 4.2%. This is good context for your work with donors, especially as donors strive to engage their children and grandchildren in the family’s philanthropic endeavors, paying particular attention to the changing preferences and giving styles of younger generations.   

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Planned giving playbook: Undeveloped land launches a legacy

Many of our nonprofit partners have requested that Whidbey Community Foundation team provide a detailed example of how a complex gift comes to life and how you and your team can seize the opportunity. We’re pleased to share this playbook to illustrate a situation where a charitable remainder trust is an ideal planned gift for a major donor. We’re also highlighting how–and when–the community foundation can step in to help in situations like this. 

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How Donor-Advised Funds Help Charities Stay Afloat

You’re no doubt familiar with donor-advised funds, especially if some of your donors use their donor-advised funds at the community foundation to support your organization. What you might not know is that the national average annual “pay-out rate” for all donor-advised funds is 18%, and most donor-advised funds make at least one grant per year. Furthermore, donor-advised funds help many individuals and families get involved in organized giving at a low barrier to entry. Indeed, nearly half of all donor-advised funds carry balances less than $50,000. To dive deeper into these and other insights, we suggest taking a look at the Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative’s recently-released study.

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Jumpstart Endowment Growth With Donors’ Gifts of Stock

Most of your donors have been made aware, often repeatedly, that giving highly-appreciated stock to favorite charities is a very tax-effective strategy. Indeed, gifts of shares held for more than a year are typically deductible by the donor at fair market value. When the charity sells the shares, the charity receives 100 cents on the dollar because nonprofit organizations don’t pay income tax. The net-net here is that the donor (1) benefits from a favorable income tax deduction, (2) avoids the capital gains tax that would have been triggered if the donor had sold the shares and used the cash proceeds to make the gift to charity, and (3) maximizes value for the charity.  

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Your Endowment Fund: A Primer For Your Board of Directors

If your organization has established an endowment or agency fund with Whidbey Community Foundation, your staff and board of directors are already experiencing the benefits of our relationship. We are here to help you grow critical financial resources to support your important mission well into the future. Many nonprofit organizations who work with our team appreciate the opportunity to periodically review with their directors the benefits of working with the community foundation, whether at a board meeting or in a board communication.

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