Donor-Advised Fund Do’s and Don’ts

A donor-advised fund is one of many types of funds you can establish at Whidbey Community Foundation. Field-of-interest funds, designated funds, unrestricted funds, and scholarship funds are also popular and can make a big difference in the community while also fulfilling your goals for tax and charitable planning.

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Charitable Planning: Keep your advisors informed

The team at Whidbey Community Foundation is honored to be your “go-to” resource for all components of your philanthropy. We enjoy talking regularly with individuals, families, and businesses about goals for charitable giving, tax strategies, ways to support favorite nonprofits, getting children and grandchildren involved in the community, leaving a legacy, and so much more. If you’ve already established a donor-advised fund, field-of-interest fund, designated fund or unrestricted fund at the community foundation, you know we’re always here to answer your questions. 

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“Planned Giving”: Do your donors get it?

It’s common practice for fundraisers and other philanthropy professionals to use the term “planned giving,” but do your donors know what you mean? Certainly, some donors understand the term, especially those who’ve served on your board or who’ve worked with you to establish a bequest. But many donors–and especially prospective donors–could benefit from an explanation that avoids the confusion of industry jargon.  To that end, in your fundraising communications, you might consider providing background to help orient your donors to the purpose of planned giving before you dive into defining it or describing it.

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